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    I had asked her to make them 6" inch squared A Line Wedding Dresses and reminiscent writing of a old sixties record cover, we then chose our favourite bands and included a song lyric of something we felt fitting for the day" "Our cake was by Cake by Naomi at Whiskit.

    D ear Miss Manners: My sister-in-law seems unable to tolerate a reciprocal relationship where she accepts our hospitality or gift, and then she hosts us, gives us something, etc.Of the whole night I remembered only eating one macaroon right after I cut the cake.amp;quot; I have no idea why it's called this but we love the song.Over the next week, I will be posting the usual content up to Friday 24th December, when I will post the last blog feature of 2010.Chanelle (far left) and her Husband Craig (far right) below, at the wedding of Dom and Jen, which took place in Mauritius in October 2009, and featured on Love My Dress hereWhat a fabulous insight into the world of a Globe-travelling Wedding Photographers, and amazing talent.I have little interest in fashion or other designers, not through jealousy but I like to think my own creative thoughts without being influenced by what others are doing.I love it because it is not too traditional and so comfy to A Line Wedding Dress wear.John Bonnier wrote a lyrical essay about being at Briggs Stadium inDetroit.Before becoming a wedding photographer I always imagined that the bride and the bridesmaids would be dashing around in a mad panic.Peter’s cousin designed our invites and all of the print work so we had very cute signs on the tables in the style of the invites with our table names.But a lot of the time it's good for people to go and do other stuff so it's always nice to see what happens afterwards.I opted for faded roses and lots of fresh greens and creams" Fran walked down the aisle to 'Water of Tyne' on the Northumbrian Smallpipes as she used to play them when she was a child Those twobirds Bridesmaids dresses look fabulous don't they!Only 1 entry per person is allowed.We'd also thoroughly recommend writing your own vows.So I got together an incredibly talented team of East Midlands based suppliers to style this shoot and I can’t thank them enough for their input and kindness.I am in love with the demure silk wedding gown worn in these photographs, and supplied by Choola too gorgeous!A perfect opening act for my big ‘nervous’ Wedding Dress A Line entrance!The phrase 'time is money' has never been more true when you are self-employed.

    Tenors Un LimitedWhatever you may be doing at this very moment, stop right now go fetch a cup of tea, get comfy, then click the play button below (and promise me to listen right to the very end).Also in attendence, members of the Casiraghi family from Italy, the groom s sister Charlotte (who held her son, Raphael throughout the ceremony), comedian Gad Emaleh, and the groom s step-brother, Prince Ernst-Augustus of Hanover.Nick is my rock and whilst I'm whirling around with my head full of fluff he holds us all passionate about what she does and so enthusiastic about her exquisite designs)"I started making my own hats and exhibiting them in art galleries while I was a photographer and after the press picked up on my work I decided I had a natural talent and applied for a masters degree at the Royal College of Art, to really learn and understand more about the wonderful craft of millinery.If that was the case, then I'd be sad, because weddings, I feel, should always reflect the true personalities and loves of the couple tieing the knot whether that's minimalist and elegant, budget, lavish, rustic, city chic, Target Bridesmaid Dresses vintage, or completely nothing to do with 'vintage' whatsoever!Together, Anne and Shane design and reproduce handcrafted gowns inspired by the 1920's, and whilst the business is located in Hollywood, California, LeLuxe clothing ship worldwide, with most of their clientele being based in the UK and Australia.

    I was drawn to a copy of Photo Pro Magazine at the weekend (I'm amassing my own body weight in similar mags as I venture in to a world of amateur photography) and really enjoyed the article on Garage Studios, of Brighton.Or just visit the Swell Vintage website and swoon over even more of Frankie's exquisite designs, like these Oh, and by the way, Frankie also happens to be a keen blogger, and Editor over at Queens of Vintage.There are so many amazing looks that you can create and it would be a shame not to enjoy trying them all!I went with no particular idea in mind, other than I knew I wanted something different and that people would remember.Informal, catch-the-moment photos, but capturing a light and atmosphere that only adds to our own memories of the day, and for all the guests summed up the ambiance of the day.