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to project onto her.This insight is consistent with Time s Cheap Evening Dresses Online description of her as a latter-day Mona Lisa, always smiling mysteriously but known for keeping mum.Certainly, there have been stumbles along the young woman s road to influence, from photos painting her as a party girl to the recent incident in France.But Bell believes these things to be comparatively tame next to the exploits of those other famous sisters, the Kardashians.No worries, Pippa, she says, laughing.Sometimes it’s just not enough to quietly think terrible thoughts about King Joffrey.You’re sitting there watching Game of Thrones, Joffrey’s being a snivelling, entitled sociopath, and you just have to let it be known on Twitter that OH PLEASE I WANT JOFFREY TO DIE!PREFERABLY WITH FIRE.And, hashtag #GameofThrones, there, you feel much better.The practice of posting Twitter updates while watching live television is, like most facets of social media, on a sharp rise.Bluefin Labs, a social media analytics company based in Cambridge, Mass.and co-founded by Canadian MIT professor Deb Roy, reports that almost 60,000 comments about the Season 2 premiere of Game of Thrones were posted to social media, primarily Twitter, during its initial airing on HBO earlier this month.It doesn’t specifically report how many of those were viewers urging Designer Evening Dresses violent death upon Joffrey Baratheon, but I bet it’s a lot.RelatedHow to approach Game of Thrones, for nerds and newbiesMad Men is back: Matt Weiner and the show’s cast discuss their return to AMCAnd while studying television-related tweeting might seem a somewhat superficial pursuit, there is much for networks and, increasingly, advertisers to glean from what is being said on the Twitter machine.What you tweet says a lot about you.Companies that would like to sell you things want to know what that is.Roy gave an address last week to an audience of television and advertising executives in Toronto, where he explained how Bluefin was able to compile Twitter data to determine what was being said about what shows and at what time.Further still, it analyzes other tweets from users who post about a certain series to build a demographic profile of sorts.in order to get a sense of the proportion of viewers of CSI who are parents.If nothing else, it’s a handy reminder that everything you tweet is in the public domain.Bluefin’s service is now being extended to advertisers, who can find out what viewers are saying about their latest campaigns.This is of particular use Cheap Evening Dresses for companies that buy time across many channels; Roy demonstrated how Twitter chatter about certain products spiked on some networks, but not others.Twitter mentions of Taco Bell went up four-fold after an intense TV ad campaign.All of this is simply more data for networks and advertisers to digest, to be sure, but it is becoming more relevant in our fractured media landscape.At the same Toronto conference, senior executives with Canada’s major broadcasters discussed some of the challenges facing the industry.There was agreement on the panel that one of the key problems is the hole in traditional television-ratings systems that is created by the multi-platform way in which television is now consumed.People watch on computers, tablets, smartphones, PVRs and all at whatever time suits them.WHOA FAT BETTY DRAPER!tweets pop up even weeks after that episode first aired.Twitter: not just for making fun of a drunk Snooki anymore.The New York Times wrote a story recently about the series Frozen Planet, which wrapped its six-episode run on Discovery in the United States and Canada on Sunday.In that earnest New York Times way, it wondered if the documentary series on life at Earth’s two poles had erred in not Evening Dresses For Wedding making the cause of climate-change a part of its subject matter.To that, I say: Bah.picture it portrays of nature.From the footage of baby polar bears sliding down the side of an ice-covered hill as they emerged from a winter den to the bloody fight between a bison and a wolf, this was a series full of great surprises.In a finale that focused on the effects of a warming climate, the images were no less stunning: huge sheets of ice breaking from glaciers, rivers of sapphire-blue water created by Greenland’s melting ice pack, a shoreline that is teeming with seals as the ice retreats around them.Did the producers need to cram a lecture in there?No, the effects are plain to see.Like the entire series, it was fascinating.If you missed it the first time around, Discovery Canada begins re-airing it this weekend.a series such as Real Housewives has thousands of hours of footage that is carved out in order to get a solid 10 hours of bitchiness and backstabbing.Shaw’s Slice channel is attempting to work around this problem by debuting four new series in heavy rotation, with the producers of each ready to begin filming again soon Winter Flower Girl Dresses if one becomes a breakout hit.The idea is to minimize lag time between a show’s initial success and its follow-up season.The new titles begin their rollout on May 10: Love Hunters, Wedding Dress Wars, My Teenage Wedding and Make Me Over, Make Me Under.You can probably deduce what each is about.Don t let the drizzle cramp your Saturday wanderings!Not only is there a kick-art craft show this weekend, but sample sales galore.The spring edition of City of Craft is here (at Trinity St.Paul s United Church, 427 Bloor S.one block west of Spadina).The hall is filled with locally handmade goods, from vintage reworked pieces to supplies, stationery, home goods and jewellery by this slew of stellar vendors.admission (kids 12 and under get in free).The designers behind Chloe Comme Parris are having a Spring Pop-Up Shop and studio sale this weekend at their new digs (at 24 Ryerson Ave.Expect up to 80% off their beautiful past collections and the opportunity to place pre-orders for their Fall 2012 collection, too.Cash or cheque only, Saturday and Sunday, 11am-5pm.Roots Customer Appreciation Sale, which means 25% off purchases (included previous