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personalized as each guest s wedding favour.A large antique jar turned beach capsule of rocks Tulle Flower Girl Dresses , driftwood and sand collected by guests came about because about half the guests were kids.We wanted something fun for them to do on the beach and to bring everyone together.Simpson s older sister Fiona (Norris, a former visual display artist) had discovered her latent talent and promising new second career for natural light photography while staying at home to raise her son.She did much of the creative coordinating and even photographed the event.including an antique quilt handy for beach wedding photos (also a Pinterest idea).Pinterest offered up another inspired touch: framed vintage photos from each of their parents weddings, a nod to and way to include Fyfer s parents and family, who were back in Johannesburg (they also coordinated a simultaneous champagne toast, over BBM).or the bouquet shot that ended up being one of the most artful photographs of the day.The bicycle was just sitting there as we walked back to the ferry.Obama visits scene of raging Colorado wildfire that has killed 1 and burned hundreds of homesCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.President Barack Obama is surveying the devastation from raging wildfires in Colorado as he arrives aboard Air Force One.Obama viewed the smoking scene Friday as his airplane made its descent into the state and promised federal aid.Follow NP Photos on TwitterThe fire was held at bay overnight and did not destroy any more homes, and incident commander Rich Harvey said firefighters hope to make more progress Friday.More than 30,000 people around Colorado Springs have fled their homes in what has become the most destructive wildfire in state history.At least one person has died, and nearly 350 homes have burned.Obama’s visit is also a political one.Colorado is one of the nation’s top battleground states in the November election.Ever-changing winds this week have caused the fire to push into the city limits of Colorado Springs, frustrating firefighters and roaring along the edge of the U.It was still too dangerous for officials to get close to determine the cause of the fire or get a complete count of burnt homes.RelatedColorado Springs wildfires destroy hundreds of homes as blaze burns out of controlColorado Waldo Canyon wildfires intensify forcing 32,000 to flee their homesPolice Chief Pete Carey said late Thursday the remains of one person were found in a home where two people had been reported missing.people who may be unaccounted for.The fire is one of the worst in the U.From above, the destruction was clear.Rows and rows of houses were reduced to smouldering ashes, even as some just feet (meters) away survived largely intact.resident Rebekah Largent said.She remembered her wedding dress, a grandmother’s china, the rocking chair where she and her husband would sit with their daughter Emma Pretty Quinceanera Dress , who turned 1 the day their home burned.The city is home to the U.Olympic Training Center and the Air Force Space Command, which operates military satellites.They were not threatened.Amid the devastation, there were hopeful signs.Flames advancing on the U.Air Force Academy were stopped, and cooler conditions Friday could help slow the fire.The academy was letting residents return Friday morning, and officials said normal operations would resume.The fire was 15 per cent contained Thursday night.Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach said the estimate of 346 destroyed homes could change.Another fire in northern Colorado had destroyed 257 homes.More than 30,000 people in Colorado Springs frantically packed up belongings Tuesday night as the flames swept through their neighbourhoods.Obama declared a major disaster late Thursday, making federal funding available.Michelle Shegelski was a tough armoured car guard, but also a romantic woman who wore white lace and ruffles for a princess-style wedding just two months ago.It’s the same dress her family chose to lay her to rest in Tuesday, as 200 people gathered at her funeral to say goodbye.Marcia Loder told the service.Loder officiated at Shegelski’s wedding and said the young woman designed the dress herself for a Victorian-style ceremony at Fort Edmonton Park.Loder explained with a a strong, courageous woman with a quirky sense of humour.She was an avid reader, wrote her own blog, learned Chinese and took belly dancing classes.Shegelski and two other G4S armed guards were shot and killed while they were restocking a bank machine at the University of Alberta on June 15.Private funerals were held last week for Eddie Rejano, 39, and Brian Ilesic, 35.RelatedChilling Facebook comment preceding armed guard murders stokes employee online privacy debateAccused armoured car heist shooter Travis Baumgartner appears in Edmonton court Pretty Quinceanera , charged with first-degree murderSole survivor of Edmonton security guard shooting opens eyes, squeezes wife's handAbout 500 people also attended a private memorial service in Edmonton on Sunday for all three victims.A fourth guard, 25-year-old Matthew Schuman, was shot in the head but is recovering in hospital.Another guard who was on the same crew that day has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and robbery.Travis Baumgartner, 21, was arrested a day after the heist as he tried to cross the Canada-U.Many G4S employees, as well as guards with other security companies, attended Shegelski’s service.Cheryl Ernst told mourners that her daughter could best be compared to a birthday sparkler, giving off sparkles wherever she went.Ernst said Shegelski always challenged herself.When she joined the security company about four years ago, she started patrolling a grocery store.She then moved to working alone at night in an office building.Her big fear was facing the scary dark boiler room on her own.Shegelski later transferred to the company’s armoured car division.And it was there in 2009, while training new employees, that she met her future husband, Victor.The former soldier who left.