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yearly gathering of Goths to Disneyland on which the lineups for the Haunted Mansion are particularly long.has bled into the mainstream.billion in box office receipts by pumping out a filmography of Goth icons such as Beetlejuice womens fashion evening dresses , Edward Scissorhands and 2010’s Alice in Wonderland.In the last decade, erotica purveyors such as Suicide Girls and Gothic Sluts have plied a swift trade marketing pierced, raven-haired pinup girls to Goths and Goth-fetishists alike.As Toronto-based Goth and Goth expert Liisa Ladouceur notes in the opening pages of Encyclopedia Gothica, Goths may differ in dress, makeup choices and music selection but most have an innate love of navel-gazing.Ladouceur intricately catalogues Goth personalities, clothing, music, memes and the scattered mentions of Goths in pop culture, including lampoons of rebellious Gothic teens in The Simpsons and South Park (Ladouceur is particularly fixated on the recurring 1990s Saturday Night Live sketch Goth Talk, which shows up in about five entries).purist to rail against rival Goth sects, Ladouceur gives ample play to Perky Goths, Romantigoths, Mall Goths, Trad Goths, Cybergoths and Corp Goths, although, the book does make clear that modern, blood-drinking vampirism (actually a thing, although with consensual donors instead of sleeping villagers) is well outside the normal boundaries of Gothdom.they have very little to with Goth other than public stereotype.Goths are not even depressed evening dresses for weddings , according to Ladouceur.Nevertheless, it’s perhaps not surprising that a group as mysterious and shadowy as Goths have attracted public vilification.After false rumours emerged that the two perpetrators of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre were Goths, a full-fledged moral panic broke out across Europe and North a worried public.For those who continue to fear Goths, this book is a powerful antidote.Despite their spiky, menacing exterior, Encyclopedia Gothica details a culture as harmless and geeky as your average Star Wars fanboy or Kiss Army foot soldier.This is 2011, Goths;But then again, this book may be better suited to stand on the coffin-shaped bookshelf of someone in the community.If you’re trying to understand your daughter’s latest phase or figure out why your sister’s wedding dress contains black mesh, you may not want an exhaustive list of magazines and obscure bands peppered with in-jokes.Luckily, there are already plenty of more accessible goth primers.Ladouceur mentions Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them, or hit the Goth classics by leafing through Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray or anything by Edgar Allan Poe.If male eye makeup and black lace gowns are going to be regular items at Walmart and Target, it wouldn’t hurt to bone up.Tristin Hopper is a news reporter for the National Post.By Mike Collett-WhiteLONDON Former Beatle Paul McCartney married for the third time on Sunday, exchanging vows with American heiress Nancy Shevell at the same London register office where he wed his first wife Linda in 1969.The beaming couple emerged from the grey-stone Old Marylebone Town Hall to confetti and cheers from dozens of fans who had waited hours to catch a glimpse of the music legend and his new wife.Shevell, 51, wore a knee-length, long-sleeved white dress which reports said was designed by McCartney’s fashion designer daughter Stella.The bride also had a white decoration in her hair and carried a small posy of flowers, while McCartney wore a dark suit and light blue tie.Despite his huge wealth as a key singer and songwriter for the world’s most successful pop band, 69-year-old McCartney chose a modest civil ceremony before a small group of family and friends.and his wife Barbara Bach were among the guests at the wedding.Another ex-Beatle John Lennon quinceanera dresses UK , who was assassinated in New York in 1980, would have been 71 on Sunday.After the ceremony, which lasted just over an hour, the newlyweds returned to McCartney’s home in St.John’s Wood for an evening reception.The property in the upmarket area of north London is just a few streets away from the Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded many of their most famous songs.Terrific, thank you.I feel absolutely hugely popular, have been poring over every detail.According to those reports, McCartney has composed a song for Shevell on their big day.the Sunday Mirror said.McCartney was married for 29 years to American photographer Linda until her death from breast cancer in 1998.He said at the time that he and Linda had spent just 11 nights apart during their marriage.McCartney’s marriage to former model and charity campaigner Heather Mills was less happy.million (2-million pounds).But four years later they confirmed they had separated, blaming media intrusion into their private lives, and in 2008 the couple divorced.A judge had to rule on the size of the divorce settlement after the couple failed to reach agreement themselves, and Mills was awarded 24.million pounds, ending one of the most acrimonious breakups in showbusiness history.McCartney has a son, two daughters and a stepdaughter from his marriage to Linda, and a daughter from his marriage to Mills.Shevell has a son from a previous relationship.Rihanna s good time in London continues.She was spotted looking cozy with a British boxer/model.I don t know if this Kate Winslet/Snooki story is real, but I m going to choose to believe it is because it s so awesome.A pretty general question about the paparazzi made LeAnn Rimes launch into a rant about her weight.What exactly was Johnny Depp smoking during that Vanity Fair interview?The wacky quotes just keep coming -The new Bond movie might be called Skywall.Which is way better than my suggestion, Why Are They Still Making These Things?When I saw this photo of Blake Lively, I assumed it was part of a shoot.That s just how put-together and stunning she looks when she s out running errands.Speaking of Blake, she was spotted making out.